Dance Schedule

Fall 2018 Schedule

MondayGrades 6-8
4:15-5:00 Jazz
5:00-5:45 Ballet
5:45-6:30 Hip Hop
6:30-7:15 Contemporary
TuesdayGrades 9-12
5:00-5:45 Hip Hop
5:45-6:30 Contemporary
6:30-7:15 Tap
7:15-8:00 Jazz
8:00-8:45 Ballet
4:30-5:30 Competition Crew C
5:30-6:15 Competition Crew A
6:15-7:15 Competition Crew B
ThursdayGrades 3-5
5:00-5:45 Hip Hop
5:45-6:30 Jazz
6:30-7:15 Ballet
7:15-8:00 Tap
FridayAge 3 – Grade 2
5:00-5:45 3-4yr Combo
5:45-6:30 K-2 Ballet / Tap Combo
6:30-7:15 K-2 Hip Hop / Jazz Combo

All classes are 45 minutes in length.  Classes marked “Wait List” are currently enrolled to capacity, but please call or email the studio for the latest updates. The fall semester classes are generally a fun challenge for students, with a focus on new technique as well as strengthening existing technique.  The focus of the spring semester classes is the choreography and coordination of dance into a 3-4 minute recital dance.

Note: students are admitted to classes based off the instructors discretion.  Age is used as a guideline for all classes.  Other factors that go into placement is a combination of their experience, skill, classroom performance and maturity.

  • The order of classes may change based off registrations. 
  • Parents will be notified in August the times of their dancers class/classes

Important Dates

  • Recital Picture Days June 12
  •  Dress Rehearsal June 12
  • Recital June 15

Studio Closings

  • 09/03 Labor Day
  • 10/31 Halloween
  • 11/19-11/26 Thanksgiving
  • 12/24-01/04 Winter Break
  • 04/17-04/23 Spring Break