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The Concepts Dance Studio Mission

Concepts Dance Studio is dedicated to providing challenging yet enjoyable dance instruction, while focusing on developing student self-confidence, teamwork, and creativity. We believe in educating responsibly, including promoting physical-safety, conditioning, and the latest in dance technique. Dance is a continually evolving art form, and CDS will ensure that you or your child will get the best experience available.


Concepts Dance Studio is a recreational dance studio that opened in 2006.  We are located in Johnstown, PA in the Westmont area of the city.  CDS offers classes in Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tap, Jazz, and Ballet.  Please view the class schedule for class times, ages, days, and skill requirements.

Concepts Dance Studio was opened with the intention of bringing a new feel and perspective to dance instruction in the Johnstown area.  We focus on the latest in dance technique and styling.  Our classes emphasize creativity, team-work, leadership, confidence, and fun.  Although we make room for students of every level, we also provide challenges those students who wish to push their dancing to the next level.


The Concepts Dance Studio facility has been designed with safety and convenience in mind. We provide a sprung floor system to help prevent physical strain and injury; high ceilings, to allow for maximal movement; the latest in digital music technology, to allow student to more easily experience the dance instruction; and, a large and comfortable waiting room including a children's play area to help assist waiting parents.

About the class Schedule

The fall semester will be 18 weeks long, running from Aug. 29 through Dec. 19, 2011.  The spring semester will be 19 weeks long, running from Jan. 3 through May 11, 2012.  All classes will be 45 minutes in length, with the exception of the K-1 grade classes which are 30 minutes in length. Classes marked "Wait List" are currently enrolled to capacity, but please call or email the studio for the latest updates. The fall semester classes are generally a fun challenge for students, with a focus on new technique as well as strengthening existing technique.  The focus of the spring semester classes is the choreography and coordination of dance into a 3-4 minute recital dance.

Note: students are admitted to classes based off the instructors discretion.  Age is used as a guideline for all classes.  Other factors that go into placement is a combination of their experience, skill, classroom performance and maturity. 

ABOUT THE instructor / owner

Connie (Masciantonio) Cameron has been teaching and choreographing dance for over thirteen years.  She has been practicing dance for over twenty years, at both the recreational and college level.  She began her dance career as a child, taking recreational dance in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  Since then she has had the opportunity to study dance in Ann Arbor, MI, Cleveland, OH and New York City, NY.  She is particularly interested in making dance enjoyable and creative, mixing it in harmony and eclectic, emotionally-moving music.  She's a proven leader and role-model for children, and believes that dance can encourage self-confidence and motivation.




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